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What are Listicles?

Written by Dennis Ventura
January 28, 2023

Listicles are a great way to share information in a fun, interesting, and easy-to-read format. What Are Listicles? The best thing about listicles is that they’re an excellent way to keep your readers engaged with the content you’re sharing because each point on the list is short and concise. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can use lists as part of your marketing strategy as well as the benefits of using them for content marketing purposes.

Listicles (sometimes referred to as “list posts”) are organized in a list form. A listicle is a brief list of 10-20 things focused on a specific topic. To make them more useful, modern listicles are frequently augmented with additional information surrounding each item.

Why do Listicles Work So Well?

The following are some of the reasons why listicles are still a popular blog post format:

  • Readers are in a hurry: A listicle is easy to scan and digest, just like bullet points may help people quickly review the most significant pieces of information. As a result, they’re ideal for people with short attention spans.
  • Listicles are pretty simple to write from the perspective of content creators (especially compared to other blogs post formats, like ultimate guides and case studies). All you have to do now is make a list of 10-20 items and fill in a few blanks. And, depending on the list, you may be simply curating content. 
  • It’s simple to preview: There’s a reason why magazine covers include numbered lists in their material. Before they click, a reader can get a sense of what they’re getting into with a certain number. 
  • Not all list posts are brief and to the point. It’s feasible to make listicles that condense everything a person needs to know about a topic into a single page.


Best Practices

Select a Listicle Format. Listicles can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. So, first and foremost, decide on the format for your listicle. Listicles come in a variety of forms. valuable content, all the points with exactly what is it in a list format. It may be a personal blog from any topic with a few sentences to multiple paragraphs until you hit the main points that many readers want with a high-quality listicle and core keywords.

The Simple List Post

It’s a concise collection of trip places, artwork, DSLR cameras, content marketing tactics, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Buzzfeed, for example, is known for its simple lists. Unfortunately, Buzzfeed’s content occasionally crosses the line into clickbait (which is why the name “listicle” has a bad connotation for certain people). However, there’s no reason why your list post can’t deliver on its promises.

Simple lists aren’t ideal for SEO because their content is usually relatively minimal. However, they have a solid social media following.

Expanded List Post

The Expanded List Post is a list post with a change. However, with an Expanded List Post, you can give each advice, technique, or tool on your list. As a result, your reader will have all of the information they need to act on one of the items right away. Thus, expanded List Posts are ideal for content that is practical and how-to in nature.

This list of techniques to acquire more traffic, for example, has a lot of detail behind each subsection. This eliminates the need for guesswork or additional investigation. You can have this post open in one tab while using the strategy described.

Choose a Topic

It’s time to choose a topic for your listicle now that you’ve decided on a structure. Selecting the correct case for your listicle is essential, just like it is for any other piece of content. This is because listicles are only helpful for particular themes. Listicles are especially useful for topics that lend themselves to being presented in a “collection.”

Here are some ideas for how to come up with subjects for your listicles.

  • Make use of BuzzSumo: BuzzSumo makes it simple to locate subjects that are receiving a lot of attention. You can order the results so that only list posts appear.
  • What topics might you quickly develop a listicle around based on your expertise? For example, I’ve spent a lot of time building up my YouTube account over the last few years. As a result, I’ve picked up dozens of helpful tidbits and hacks along the road.
  • Keyword research: Find out what people are already looking for by conducting keyword research. Also, focus on keywords that would work well in a listicle.

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Create a Roundup With Influencers

This is comparable to the “Best of” listicle approach we discussed previously The difference is that instead of curating what’s already out there, you gather new quotes from industry influencers and experts with high-quality content and great search results.

Give Your Listicle Extra Detail

The majority of listicles are short and to the point. That isn’t always a terrible thing, though. Some people want to peruse a shortlist quickly. However, if you wish for your listicle to stand out, attract attention, and rank in Google, I strongly advise you to include some information beneath each item on your list.

For example, the Expanded List Post I mentioned before isn’t as easy to browse as a typical list post, but it has a lot more information. When you add extensive content to each item, you get the best of both worlds: your content is perfect for delivering a lot of distinct suggestions or bits of information in a single post. They’re also more likely to be valuable to readers than simple, shortlist entries.

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Tips and Advanced Strategies

  • Make every effort to turn your listicle into a piece of “10x Content.” Make it longer and more thorough than the competitors, include all of the extra details stated earlier, and design it professionally. There’s no reason a listicle can’t wow folks.
  • Filters and details can be added to your own listicles. For example, our SEO tools list includes filters to help people locate precisely what they’re looking for.
  • Please include the number of list items on your list in the title of your own blog article whenever it makes sense. That way, potential readers will have a good notion of what to expect from your list post.
  • Use a tool like SEMrush to discover who linked to any comparable lists after your list is published. Then contact them to let them know about yours.
  • Make contact with the persons you listed or linked in your last post. This does not imply that they will share it. However, it places your content in front of consumers in a non-obtrusive manner.


To make listicles more functional, they are frequently augmented with additional information around each item. “The Best of” List posts are a particularly effective type of “ego bait.” In a ” Best of ” list article, you list out the top persons, bloggers, quotes, or resources on a specific subject in a “Best of” list article. Then, inform everyone that they’ve been featured.

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