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Special Google Algorithm Rules You Might Not Know About

Written by Dennis Ventura
January 28, 2023

Google is the most popular search engine globally, and as such, it has a lot of different rules that you need to stay up-to-date on. If your website isn’t optimized for Google’s algorithm, Google will penalize you with lower rankings and fewer visitors. This blog post discusses eight google algorithm rules that might not be obvious at first glance!

Google algorithms impact your website in many ways, one of which is the ranking for specific terms and keywords. It takes hundreds of factors into account, such as content quality or absence of links when making these decisions, but Google has also changed how it calculates page ranking.

Google’s algorithm is a complex system that takes hundreds of factors into account. Some, like content quality and site organization, are obvious to most people with basic SEO knowledge, but many less-known rules can affect your search engine page results. These rules include the following:

  • Query Freshness
  • Query Diversity
  • User History
  • Rich Answers
  • Local Search
  • Safe Search
  • Top Stories
  • Shopping Results

Query Freshness

Google is always trying to provide the most useful results for users, and Google wants to make sure that the search result pages are as relevant and up-to-date for users. For this reason, when a query matches certain characteristics of being newer or more popular than others in Google’s database.

They will boost these results higher on their SERPs even if there’s no established ranking history yet because it can give people who haven’t found what they were looking for before another chance at getting exactly what they want from the site or service listed first.

However, Google has its limits on how much power over where your stuff appears. The algorithm doesn’t care whether your page was created recently but only about “how much traffic you have gained since that time.” If you have a site created in the ’90s but has been consistently updated with new content and information, then Google will rank your page just as high for relevant queries.

google algorithm

Query Diversity

Search engines use a technique called “Query Diversity” in order to provide more meaningful search results. This means that when you type an ambiguous term or phrase into Google. It will automatically try and find all possible meanings for your query across multiple websites on the Internet, so there’s no way one site can cover every conceivable idea behind what people are trying out.

Google’s algorithm also takes into account how many times a certain query returns the same results. If it notices that there is very little diversity in google search results, then Google will try and provide more diverse and different kinds of content, so people using google get more choices on what they see throughout their searches.

For example, if everyone who uses google searches for “Best Camera” this year only gets links to Amazon or other retailers that sell cameras. Google might add some sites like Wikipedia, which talks about camera types such as digital SLRs or point-and-shoot models, to consider ranking higher than just strictly retail websites when someone does a particular type of SEO search. This makes sense since you’re not going to find information from an encyclopedia on Amazon, but you might find it interesting on Wikipedia.

User History

Google has been able to see that when a user searches for something, the most valuable sites are those which have some sort of connection with their past searches. This is why you might find different results from one individual’s browsing history than someone else who goes on Google. They’re using what information was relevant in previous queries while also taking into account new keywords or phrases entered since then – all thanks to this powerful tool called “User History.”

Google is a treasure trove of information for companies and marketers. It knows what you’ve been searching for in the past and what you’re likely to search for in the future. For example, suppose your business is a clothing retailer.

Google has noticed that people who use Google searches related to “summer fashion” also tend to look up popular brands like Converse or Adidas. In that case, google might boost those results higher on its SERPs than other types of companies that don’t have as much relevance when it comes to specific keywords searched by users. This rule basically means that Google will automatically show sites with more frequent visits from users at the top of their SERPs even without an established pages ranking.

This shows them how well-connected these websites are throughout social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. If lots of different people keep searching for information about your site, then google figures that it must have something relevant to offer in order for google user to keep coming back.

This is why SEO has become so popular among marketers. You’re using the power of other people’s google search history across different platforms combined with your own efforts to get more traffic towards your website or blog posts! People connected through these networks can influence how google ranks certain websites, products, and services – helping others gain higher rankings based on their preferences while also benefiting from what they do. The result? More visitors, which leads to increased conversions when done correctly!

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Rich Answers

Google has introduced a new feature called “rich answers.” When users enter questions into the Google search box, they will be shown an excerpt on the web page that best answers their query. It also offers links back to it in addition to other information about where you can find more on this topic online or how-to tutorials for doing things like fixing your dishwasher! This provides searchers with valuable insight without having them scroll through dozens if not hundreds of pages just looking at advertisements while waiting all day long for google to load.

The idea of “rich answers” is basically Google’s way of providing more value and utility for google users through their content via their search engine. Instead of seeing a long list of different websites which all say something slightly (or maybe entirely) related to what you’re looking for – google will present the best answer or solution right on its SERPs so that people can find exactly what they want faster than ever before!

This data might come from forums, Wikipedia, social media platforms such as Facebook / Twitter, where questions are asked publicly by other users, etc. It has become an incredibly powerful tool among marketers because it puts them in front of potential customers who might not have otherwise seen these resources had google not introduced rich answers in the first place.

This is one of google’s newest algorithms which was released to help solve issues with low-quality websites that were ranking higher simply because they had more backlinks compared to other sites – for example, if you wanted information about online marketing, then you might be forced to sift through dozens or even hundreds of pages before finding a single website that actually provides an answer!

Google figured this was bad for people who are looking up certain topics, so it introduced the idea behind “knowledge cards” instead, where each result will look something like this:

Google has noticed that users click on certain types of search results and visit them frequently afterward without necessarily clicking out again within minutes or hours. They found that searchers tend to stay on these types of pages for longer periods of time, so Google decided to start giving them more weight in their SERPs.

Suppose Google thinks people are spending a lot of time viewing certain web pages. In that case, it will automatically increase the chances that they’ll rank higher compared to other similar but less actively viewed websites. This means your page could get ranked even without having many backlinks or being very well-connected across social media platforms! SEO is Always Changing, So it’s Important to Stay Up-to-date on the Latest Rules. Whether you need an On-page services or SEO professionals to help your website rank higher, contact us today!

Local Search

Google has recently added another ranking factor to their algorithm: local search. This is especially important for mobile searches, which make up more than half of all Google queries overall and have increased rapidly as people turn away from desktop computers in favor of tablets or smartphones. In addition to the changes on those devices, you can also use a special box when looking locally-whether it’s on your phone or laptop browser – to help guarantee higher rankings close by where you live!

When you search google, it will show potentially helpful information about your location in the top right corner of the screen. If you’re using Google on a mobile devices, then this section is automatically enlarged to include more features that are triggered by clicking “more” or scrolling down – if you click into it, there should be an option called “search nearby.”

This feature lets users enter their current zip code, which means Google can give them access to results for businesses close by who have local listings with addresses and phone numbers!

Google also has another tool within Google maps under the same premise. They display business reviews based upon how many other people have commented positively or negatively about each place. They use these comments when ranking places, so if others have mentioned bad experiences with your business, Google will assume that you probably had something to do with it and lower the rank of your Google listing. If you’re looking for SEO Services to help your website rank higher, contact us today!

Safe Search

SafeSearch is a built-in feature for Google users that can filter out search results with adult content. Safe Search looks through the page and finds any words or phrases containing profanity, sexually related keyword.

When SafeSearch is on: It helps filter out explicit content in Google’s search results for all your search queries across images, videos, and websites. While this isn’t 100% accurate, it does a good job of blocking sexually explicit material like pornography or violence from being found by those who have not subscribed to an adult site.

Top Stories

Google’s Top Stories box is the first thing you’ll see when searching for trending news on Google. The feature typically appears with certain keywords, and it doesn’t appear without them. The input is about trends in today’s society-related searches that can trigger this particular “Top Story” at the top of page one results from google search engine (SEO).

It states that these topics are related to recent events taking place online or offline, so they may be featured by users who use their device, which has internet access 24/7, such as smartphones because there could always be some sort of event happening anywhere.

Top Stories is the name of a prominent feature on Google’s search engine results page, which can be triggered by certain keywords. This particular box typically relates to news and trending topics around the Internet. If your content is related in any way, it might appear here when people enter “top stories.” However, this only occurs after entering specific keywords as it is initiated through searches relating to what people want information about.

Google will then display the top stories that are related to your search term. It appears on Google’s first page results, but it may not show up if no “top story” terms are included in your queries which is why you need to include them when possible!

What makes this feature unique? Google has become an online powerhouse because of its ability to deliver accurate and up-to-date information whenever someone searches for anything on their pages. They have implemented a special algorithm that helps users find trending topics or current events so they can be informed about what’s going around the world and where they live.

This Top Stories box reflects popular news articles based upon google trends showing fresh content from all across the web, including social media platforms like Facebook and Google+ and other places around the web. If you’re looking for an reliable SEO consultant in New York to help your website rank higher, contact us today!

Shopping Results

Google’s algorithm’s shopping results are a great way to make money through Google Adsense. Many users will likely be shopping for something, and they will click on google’s ad banners if it seems like the best buy or the correct item that fits their needs. This is one of google’s many features, but these particular results are unique because there can be an increase in traffic to your site based on google’s Shopping results.

The Google algorithm also has a separate section for shopping results, which appear in the left-hand sidebar of google search engine rankings (SEO). It is typically displayed when people search for something they want to purchase online and might click an ad if it seems like the best option available.

This works because many users will likely be looking into buying things while researching their options, so ads that seem useful or accurate may get more clicks from interested parties than others. Therefore, this type of result can lead to higher traffic and revenue potential through google Adsense ads if you create content related enough to trigger these types of search index!

SEO is Always Changing, So it’s Important to Stay Up-to-date on the Latest Rules. If you’re looking for an organic SEO consultant to help your website rank higher, contact us today!


Google’s algorithms are a complicated system that helps the search engine find websites and deliver results. Algorithms use various ranking factors, like how often you visit a webpage or whether it has good content, in order to rank them on Google’s SERPs (search engine result pages). The company makes thousands of changes every year with its updates-this means no two years will ever be alike.

Google has many algorithms that determine what google search results are returned. Google’s search algorithm use numerous factors to rank web pages on google’s SERPs, which is also known as google search engine result page, where you will find the website listings of your desired topic or information you are looking for online, whether it be around world news or just something simple like a local business in any area of interest.

Google releases thousands of updates each year, so no two years will ever be alike when it comes down to how their algorithm works and functions with ranking websites accordingly based upon different aspects they consider important. Visit for more SEO-related topics.


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