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Site-Level Factors That Affect SEO

Written by Dennis Ventura
November 5, 2022

This post discusses site-level factors or page-level factors that affect SEO and how to optimize your website for search engines. Site-level factors are the 8 different aspects of a website that can be optimized in order to improve rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). SEO ranking factors include title tags, meta descriptions, content length, URL structure, load time, keyword usage and density, internal links, and page design.

Site owners should focus on these areas when optimizing their site for SEO because they have an impact on your rankings with Google. It’s critical to build a good SEO strategy to ensure the success of your website and a solid online presence. When most individuals think about SEO, they picture their content being matched to keyword searches. However, various elements influence your site’s SEO, and almost every facet of your website plays a part. We’ve put together a list of site-level characteristics that can impact your site’s SEO. It’s critical to consider these variables while developing or revamping your website, as well as when making significant navigational decisions.

Content Value

The worth of your content is one of the most significant aspects of your site’s SEO. Sites that don’t contribute anything fresh to the discourse are penalized by Google. It penalizes affiliate sites with thin content in particular. Therefore, it’s critical to develop valuable content with unique insights to rank highly on Google and start a new conversation.

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Contact Us Page

Your “Contact Us” page is crucial to your SEO efforts. Google favors sites with complete contact information because it gives the impression that the business is more reliable. For mobile and local searches, contact information is particularly crucial. Your “Contact Us” page will include information about your location, which Google will use to match mobile searchers with nearby companies. Therefore, a thorough “Contact Us” page is vital for improving your site’s reputation and ensuring the best results for mobile and local searches. User interaction also helps in SEO ranking factors.

Site Architecture

The structure of your website is crucial to SEO because it aids Google in organizing and comprehending your information. When your site is well-organized, Google has an easier time accessing and indexing each page. Creating pillar pages is an excellent approach to organize your site and make it easier for users and Google to browse. Pillar pages are used to manage your website’s content by broad topics that are subsequently subdivided into subtopics, each of which leads to a new page. It is considerably easier for Google to index and comprehend your site by organizing it into general topics and subtopics.


A sitemap is a great approach to improve your website’s SEO. A sitemap aids in the faster and more thorough indexing of your pages by search engines. It’s an excellent technique to help search engines comprehend your site and increase your ranks for the keywords and search terms you care about. When you add a sitemap to your website, you will boost your search engine visibility to make it easier to index your site.

A Sitemap is typically used to allow search engine crawlers to follow the connections to all of your particular web pages, so they don’t miss anything. However, we don’t want some visitors to go there. As a result, we sometimes leave URLs out or conceal them from all public sites. As a result, search engine bots are unable to crawl some of these URLs. We can still hide such URLs from some people without losing out on the sites that search engine spiders don’t crawl by putting them in an XML Sitemap.

Site Security

Some people believe they can always know if they’re secure when they’re online. It’s all been stated before: build a firewall, don’t give out sensitive information to dubious websites, use unique passwords. However, there are computer hackers out there. They’re after websites and people, and they’re a lot smarter than the ordinary internet user. Their deception is such that no one would suspect their personal information was in jeopardy until it was too late.

As a digital marketer, you must take website security very seriously. This isn’t simply because it’s a good idea, but because your online security measures, or lack thereof, have a direct impact on your SEO ranking factor.

Google places a premium on encrypted websites. If your site is safe, you’ll see that HTTPS rather than HTTP precedes your domain name. To protect its users and their information, Google favors more secure areas. On the other hand, encryption only functions as a tiebreaker between two otherwise equal answers, according to Google.

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Breadcrumb Navigation

Site navigation that is easy to use is a terrific approach to improve your SEO. Breadcrumb navigation is a beautiful way to make a site that is easy to navigate. When each page is connected to other pages via subtopics, you can follow your progress through each page using breadcrumb navigation. On some sites, for example, you can click on “Services,” then “Digital Marketing” inside services, and finally “SEO.” You can trace your steps back to the previous step inside each of these subtopics. Breadcrumb navigation aids Google in characterizing and navigating your content, allowing you to rank higher for your target keywords.

Mobile Optimization

In today’s world, mobile devices account for more than half of all searches. As a result, having your website correctly optimized for mobile devices is critical. In addition, because mobile is such an essential element of search, Google actively penalizes websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. As a result, it’s critical to correctly optimize your site for all mobile devices while building it.


A good website, according to Google, should be simple to use and navigate. There will be fewer page views and a higher bounce rate if your site is challenging to navigate. When ranking websites, Google considers these characteristics. Search results from google analytics will give domain authority. As a result, if your site is challenging to navigate, Google will punish you because users will not want to spend much time on it.

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While professional SEO services can provide many benefits to your company, you should never rely solely on SEO to grow your company. Companies that succeed in the internet environment take a holistic approach to market and employ both online and offline tactics. Although SEO is a significant part of the marketing puzzle, it is simply one slice of the marketing pie. Check our blogposts for more information on SEO.


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