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6 Types Of Google Ranking Drops and How To Deal With Them?

Written by Dennis Ventura
November 3, 2022
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It’s Not Always A Bad Thing When Your Ranking Drops

(What’s Your Ranking # ?)

Several Google ranking drops can happen. Google is constantly making changes to its algorithm, and these Google Ranking Drops may be the result of those changes. Google has changed its search engine algorithms many times over the years (sometimes for good reasons) and as a result, your rankings on Google might drop at any time for various reasons- even if you have done everything right up until now.

There are three types of Google Ranking Drops:

  • Permanent Rankings Losses: This happens when your website is no longer deemed true in an algorithm and you are de-indexed from Google or other search engines. Notoriously difficult to reverse.
  • Temporary Rankings Losses: This happens when there has not been a change on the site but website rankings get temporarily lowered due to fluctuations within the system. Comes back after a few days as long as nothing new appears on the site. To deal with temporary ranking losses, make sure to update content regularly and monitor coverage with SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Rank Ranger, SEMrush, and Google Search Console data.
  • Punishment Penalties: Used by Google’s algorithms to penalize websites that violate their policies.

Here Are The Guidelines If Google Rankings Drop – It’s Time To Get Serious:

  • Analyze the Drop
  • Types of Google Ranking Drops
  • Manual or Algorithmic Penalty Rank Drop
  • OutRanked by a Competitor
  • The site was Devalued due to On-page Issues
  • Losing Backlinks
  • Google Algorithm Update
  • Google Flux
  • Summary

Analyze the Drop

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“The Drop” refers to a sudden change in Google search result rankings. A site that might be ranking number 1, 2, or 3 suddenly drops to 50-100 for no apparent reason. Various causes might cause someone’s results to drop. Fortunately, there is a way for sites and individuals to combat the situation- content quality improvement.

Many sites struggle with getting high-quality content out on their site which means they’ll have an issue when it comes time for them to be ranked well in searches by Google algorithms. The goal here is not just about satisfying algorithms but also making sure the person viewing your page has an idea of what this page will provide without clicking on it first.

Types of Google Ranking Drops

Google ranking drops are something that every Google user should know about. Google is constantly changing its algorithm to make sure they rank the best and most relevant websites. Google has been known to penalize sites for various reasons, but Google’s ranking can also drop without warning or reason.

Google updates are inevitable, but there are some things that you can do to minimize the damage they cause. Here are four examples of Google Algorithm Updates.

  • Google Panda Update
  • Google Penguin Update 
  • Google Mobile-Friendly Update 
  • Google Hummingbird Update

Manual or Algorithmic Penalty Rank Drop

Manual or Algorithmic Penalty Rank Drop – A manual penalty attempt will not cause any ranking drop for the site in question. An algorithmic penalty will always rank the place down, even if it doesn’t lose much inbound traffic when you check Google analytics as a result of a Google penalty. Manual penalties should only be used on sites that are running out of options.

Websites with already declining rankings that are unlikely to recover need to use algorithmic penalties if they want their sites recovered quickly and safely from the loss of search visibility. Manual penalties can be costly because they’re not targeted enough and don’t take into account how different content is viewed at different times throughout the day, week, month, year, etc.

Both the manual and algorithmic penalty rank drop are capable of dropping a site from the Google rankings. But the Manual penalty is the most sensible option. Not only does it get rid of possible problems with algorithm bugs, but the Facebook team also has some kind of human intervention going on when this happens. This means that your own site can be seen anywhere on the web, but for a low ranking, it won’t appear in Google search results at all.

All of this to say that there will be some combination of both types happening together to keep sites from being indexed while still penalizing them for their actions. It’s hard to tell exactly what will work best for spammers and hackers unless they know what their goal is, whether intentional indexing or higher rankings quickly by breaching SEO standards.

Outranked by a Competitor

Outranked by a competitor is a difficult situation, especially if it feels unearned. It’s the equivalent of being undermined by someone you thought was your ally. It can be difficult to recognize that something has caused us great harm and so naming that as an act of abuse may seem counterintuitive at first.

Instinctively we want to fight against what harms us and ignore what helps us so there is some degree of natural resistance to recognizing that something has put our website’s search engine rankings in jeopardy or blocked our full development. But looking for support from those you trust would not be wise, they are likely to think the same way, which makes sense when we consider how mutual the relationship could very well be.

There are things you can do to improve the quality of your work. Perhaps try upping your prices to justify the high quality in comparison with competitors’ offerings. For some industry sectors – such as legal services – raising prices and maintaining ‘premium’ status is an important branding strategy to win new clients and retain existing ones whilst protecting margins too from newcomers who may offer cheaper SEO services to carve out market share at lower levels of service delivery.

The site was Devalued due to On-page Issues

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This means that the site looks to have high-quality content and that someone has taken care in ensuring the copy is not only informative and truthful but has been prepared with care.

A Devalued site is a product of poor Optimization, and the symptoms may include low rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs), less relevant organic traffic coming to your website, not leveraging internal links, broken links, missing meta descriptions, fewer conversions, higher bounce rates, reduced time on site.

This means that optimization is needed for the number of pages on the website. We suggest using Yoast SEO Plugin to complete these tasks. Once this has been done successfully you need to ensure that your content is readable by humans but also (and more importantly) by algorithms namely Google’s RankBrain. This will then lead towards ranking number one on SERPs once again and must remain a top priority. When optimizing articles or blog posts, check Google search console so they are indexed correctly and to achieve better search rankings.

Losing Backlinks

When you lose a backlink, it can have a major impact on your SEO. Backlinks are an integral part of the search engine algorithm and are often one of the main factors that determine whether or not your website ranks for certain keywords. Backlinks also help make sure people find your site through search engines when they’re looking for information on a topic related to what you do!

Losing backlinks and not making any new ones can say several things about your SEO performance. It could mean that your content has been devalued over time due to repetitiveness or poor quality and spammy links. Whenever a website gains relevance or popularity, links from authoritative sites will follow suit–increasing the number of backlinks as well as their quality. The pattern for some websites is one of three phases: content (low backlink count), growth (higher link count with more contextual relevance), arrival (very high link count). This pattern may be descriptively labeled “accumulative”.

Google Algorithm Update

The Google Algorithm Update is a Google algorithm that determines the ranking of websites in Google’s search engine results. Google has released little information about this update, and there are many different theories on how it works. The common consensus is that Google wants to give users the most relevant information possible based on search intent, and will do so by limiting the number of less relevant sites at the top of its rankings. Google said that the update is designed to provide people with more accurate search results and help prevent spammy sites from ranking high in Google’s search engine. Google will now favor authoritative content over thin pages filled with ads or fake news.

Google is constantly evolving and changing its algorithms so that it can better serve you with the best possible information when you are searching for something online. 

Google Flux

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Google Flux (Google Dance) is the latest in Google’s long line of life-changing innovations. In a world full of heightened competition, Google has found success because they didn’t just build one search engine or one social media network – they built them all.

Google Flux represents a complete change in the way that Google operates, so you can expect some major changes once you adopt it as your primary search engine.

Final Thoughts

Google ranking drops are a common occurrence in the world of search engine optimization. Knowing what’s causing your drop will help you make more informed decisions about how to get back on top. We hope this article has helped clarify some of these causes and what to do next time one occurs for you or your business. If not, we would love to sit down with you and learn more about your situation so that together we can figure out an effective strategy for getting back up where you belong.

Connect with us immediately if you’re seeking an organic SEO consultant that is reliable and trustworthy in this industry, and we’ll help you get the most of your marketing investments. Contact today for additional information and to get started.


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